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Product Serial : QC-317D
Water Penetration Tester
Confirm to AATCC127, JIS- L1092, ISO811 Standard

QC-317D of main function is for fiber of high waterproof clothing or other material which is do high hydrostatic pressure test to get exact material water-proof. It uses microcomputer control with a compression rate of 12 stages. The pressure display with high precision and easy to operation. It also can get precise of compression speed and pressure values.


It can base on test method of set up machine and specimen. The test method will be A: hydraulic process, B: Certain pressure method.


Industry: Textile

Test range 0.0001 ~ 5kg/cm2 (10 ~ 50000mm H2O)
Pressure speed 0.06 and 0.1 ~ 1.0kg/cm2 11 stages
Pressure display kg/cm2 and bar (Conversion automatically)
Gripping ring Ø11.28 cm(100cm2)
Holding pressure Can be set to stop the pressure and begin timing.
Timer 99 minutes 59 seconds can be set shut down
Force supply 400W servo motor
Sample gripping air-hydro movement
Gripping force above 1200kg
※Machine can return to stand-by mode after finishing each test.

Test Video         Teaching material SOP        Test Case

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