Manual Thermos Press Forming Machine

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Product Serial : QC-601T
Manual Thermos Press Forming Machine

QC-601T has two separate (up and down) heating plates, accordance with demand for raw material to choose different pressure and compression plate area. Commonly used in the molding of thermo plastic, the raw material placed in the mold which between upper and lower heating plate, so that the sample has been touched. Then the mold of temperature will melt the sample and use jack to pressure on sample which the raw material will be molding. It can be cut need of shape to test material of transparency, impact strength, tensile strength (compression) strength and other characteristics.


Industry: Rubber, Plastic

Model QC-601T
Pressure 2t 5t 10t 20t
Pressure can be seen from the comparison chart
Temperature Room temperature ~ 300℃
Temperature range Heating speed:30℃ to 200℃→within 12 minutes
Cooling speed:200℃ to 60℃ à within 8 minutesCooling water circulation(optional)
Timer 0 ~ 999 minutes
Size of heating plate 15 × 15 cm
Distance between heating plate 60~120 mm(adjustable)
Accessory forming mold for specimen, one set
Power Single phase,220V/50Hz or 60Hz,15A
Dimension 60 × 35 × 75 cm
Weight 110 kg


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